Environmental Criteria


Each apartment at 328 has been designed to code for sustainable homes level 3 with a highly insulated and air tight building envelope. The energy-balanced design utilises solar orientation and control to mitigate energy requirements. Best-in-class aluminium framed, double glazed sliding door units and fixed full height window panels to the coastal elevation, incorporate toughened “suncool” outer panes, and argon filled cavities.

Generous levels of natural daylighting are coupled with optimized energy performance systems - very high efficiency gas fired boilers and a mechanical heat recovery and background ventilation system. Zoned under-floor heating allows close control of ambient temperature and low energy lighting design and a rated white goods, minimise energy wastage.

Low water use white goods, brassware fittings and harvested rainwater for external use, minimise water wastage.

The design is predicated on a “reduce, re-use, recycle” philosophy which minimizes resource use during construction. Rigorous adherence to WRAP waste management strategies ensure that a minimum of any construction waste is sent to landfill.

All trees at 328 are protected and new soft landscaping features will further enhance bio-diversity. Generous outdoors social spaces, cycle and water sports equipment storage facilities, and direct beach access provide maximum opportunity for physical activity.

328 - Property Development