At Haxted our philosophical belief is that design quality is all about attention to detail - the precise setting out of building elements so that the holistic result is an elegant composition. Space, light, proportion and layout all play their part in the creation of beautiful modern residences.

We believe a meaningful and successful approach to design should take a wide angled view, fostering an understanding of the complex interrelationships between the different requirements of a new development. We strive to deliver highly intelligent and innovative solutions, which reduce visual disturbance to provide simplicity. Our approach looks to resolve the challenges inherent in construction with refined, elegant and relaxed solutions.

Crafted materials that patinate and improve with age are the bedrock of our specification. Unnecessary elements are avoided. Natural light and fresh air are critically important. We believe in living spaces imbued with spirit and so the residences we create are well tempered and have extremely comfortable interior environments. What we build is flexible and adaptable, and features finishes and surfaces that provide visual and tactile sensory interest. Our focus never wavers from our customers’ desire for beauty, richness and elegance.


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